The New Way To Save Money While Partying – Hidden Flasks

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A simple Internet search will reveal a whole lot of innovative hidden flasks that people can buy. But just what is a hidden flask and why would anyone want one? Here is everything you may want to know about hidden flasks.

What is a Hidden Flask?

Most people have seen a movie or two where the hero or the bad guy pulls out a small silver container from their pocket and drinks from it. This object as most people know is a flask and it supposedly contains alcohol. A hidden flask is also known as a flask that is disguised or hidden in something else so that no one knows what it is or that it is there.

Over the last few years’ innovative drinkers have come up with a number of hidden flasks, that from a distance look like anything other than a container for alcohol. Some of this flask includes:

  • A flask hidden in a book, rather mundane compared to some of the innovations.
  • A Wine Purse- the purse is actually a wine bladder, and there is also space to put, well purse type things such as keys, make-up and your cell phone in. These wine purses even include a hidden spout from which you pour a glass of wine.
  • A hairbrush flask- what a great way to keep your hair neat and have a drink while doing so.
  • The mitten flask- so okay you can’t actually wear the mitten, but no one is going to question a mitten in your coat pocket unless they actually see you pull it out and drink from the thumb.
  • The hammer flask- the handle of the hammer is a hollow flask you fill with your favorite beverage and that beverage usually isn’t tea.
  • The tampon Flask- Perfect for women, because any man seeing a small container of tampons isn’t going to want to examine them further.
  • The football flask- Perfect for tailgating, you can toss it around and even take a drink from it.

Secret flasks also come built into or disguised as clothing including bras and winter scarves, they are made to look like cell phones and cameras and dozens of other common objects including dolls.

Are Hidden Flasks Legal?

Considering all of the laws in the United States regarding drinking in public places, you may be asking yourself whether or not hidden flasks are legal. The answer is yes. Anyone can own and use a hidden flask; it is what you may put in the flask that may be illegal. For example, it is perfectly legal for you to own a hidden flask and drink water, tea, or juice out of the flask. However, if you are drinking out that flask standing on a sidewalk, sitting in a car, at the park, at the beach or at some stadiums and that flask is filled with any type of alcohol you may be risking a heavy fine or even jail time if you happen to get caught.

Is it Illegal to Carry a Hidden Flask Containing Alcohol in My Car if I am Not Drinking Form It?

In most if not all states it is illegal to have open alcohol in your car. Since a hidden flask is not sealed it is considered to be an open container and therefore it is illegal to carry alcohol in it when you are in your car.

However, if you are carrying something like a hair brush secret flask filled with alcohol in your glove box or purse and are stopped, but show no signs of having been drinking it is unlikely the policeman who stopped you will search for a hidden or secret flask. That doesn’t mean that we recommend you break the law by carrying such a flask while in your car, it is just giving you the facts.

Why Would Someone Want to Have A Secret Flask?

People have hidden flasks for various reasons. Some people get one as a gag gift and think they are cool and keep them on display in their home and may even use it occasionally for home use.

Other people simply think they are cool and buy one and actually use them for other things other than alcohol.

However, the largest number of people who purchase a hidden flask do so because they want to enjoy having a drink with the picnic lunch in the park, or at the beach and find them less risky to use than a bringing along a bottle of alcohol. These people are likely going to have a drink regardless, the hidden flask just makes it less obvious that are breaking the law.

Even if you never intend to buy or use a hidden flask you have to admire the ingenuity that has gone into the different creations of these secret flasks. While some are just quirky and fun others are truly works of art and show what a bit of creativity can do.

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