Why Is Lululemon So Expensive? (yes they’re worth it)

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Lululemon is known for making some of the best yoga pants in the game, but that doesn’t stop the majority of us from just about having a heart attack the moment that we see the price tag. Sure, their pants might fit like they were made from materials stolen straight out of heaven, but that doesn’t mean that we necessarily want to pay a hundred dollars for a single pair of yoga pants. These amazing yoga pants might very well be the only thing that you want to wear the majority of the week, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily want to hand over your entire salary without asking a few questions first. So, why is Lululemon so expensive?

It’s All About The Brand

lululemon is expensive but worth it

When you pay for a main brand product with a high price tag, the simple truth is that you are paying for that name. Lululemon, like any business selling somewhat absurd luxury products, knows that people will pay specifically for their brand. This means that they can mark up their pricing as much as they want to and still trust that people will pay for it. The fact of the matter is that Lululemon is pretty much the biggest name in the yoga pant world. People know that they are the best yoga pants, and because of this, they will pay for them.

From a marketing perspective, Lululemon absolutely kills. Their stores look like the kind of place that you would shop if your life was completely in order and you were the kind of person who always had fresh lemon water in a cute little bottle (yes, Lululemon also sells cute little water bottles), and we all want to be that person. Everything about their store is designed to make you feel like their products are something to be worthy of, and we are all total suckers for that. When you add in the adorable logo, neutral color scheme, and those amazing eco-friendly bags that all of their products come in (so fancy!), it is easy to see why people are clamoring over one another to get their seasonal pair of Naked leggings, which also brings us to our next point.

The Lululemon Design

lululemon design

The real reason that Lululemon has us all developing luxury yoga pant addictions isn’t just because they are a fancy brand. In fact, it is much worse than that. The truth is that Lululemon’s pants are so great because they really are designed while using materials that you literally cannot get anywhere else. The Lululemon design team has patented their premiere designs and fabrics, which means Lululemon actually provides you with a yoga pant experience that you simply cannot get with cheap yoga pants.

The real winner behind Lululemon’s amazing design is the fact that they have their own patented fabrics. Their signature “Full on Luon” is a material that literally did not exist prior to Lululemon’s design team creating it in some obscure lab where people work to make sure that we all know a near intoxicating level of comfort. Their fabric, which is a combination of Nylon and Lycra, is what gives Lululemon leggings and yoga pants that distinctive Lululemon feel. You know, the one with the unparalleled comfort? Yeah, that sensation is actually a Lululemon patented feeling.

When this amazing Lululemon-specific fabric is paired with the design of the pants themselves, it creates a completely unique experience that makes many people believe that Lululemon makes the best yoga pants around. With a good pair of Lulu’s, you can enjoy a complete range of motion, support and comfort, and let’s face it: an amazing look. These factors are what the majority of us look for when it comes to yoga pants in a fashion sense. When you pair this with the pants that they make that are designed for athletics, it is easy to see how Lululemon has taken over the yoga pants market.

Creating Lululemon

the start of lululemon

Designing a good product requires one very specific thing: a research and development (or as the fancy folk call it: R&D) team. R&D is where a lot of higher price tags come from because companies will shell out a lot of money to make these products. This initial investment is meant to be returned after the product has been released. Since this is the case, it is obvious that the best way to make that money back quickly is to charge a lot. Someone has to pay the geniuses making the best yoga pants around, so it falls on us. While this is not always great for the customer initially, it can be in the long run. Generally, when you pay a lot for products, that money goes into funding future research and development. This means that you are singlehandedly contributing to making products that are (hopefully) better than the last. But, at the end of the day, you’re still probably overpaying for something awesome.

Lululemon’s Commitment To Quality

While we love the idea of cheap yoga pants, the reality isn’t nearly as nice. You see, as nice as these cheap yoga pant subscriptions popping up all over the place are, the fact remains that they are simply cheaper products. Lululemon yoga pants feel amazing against your skin, stick to you like glue as you move through your vinyasa, and are known for lasting a really long time as long as you take care of them. When you compare this to the fun and flirty cheap yoga pants that might bust a seam during your downward dog, suddenly one hundred dollars doesn’t feel nearly as bad.


We are not going to stand up here and say that everyone should be paying a full hundo for a good pair of yoga pants, but we are saying that we can kind of see how it happens. The fact is that Lululemon makes good products and they have gained a lot of notoriety for it. From a business perspective, they are doing everything right to make money and have given us the comfort of wearing yoga pants that feel like the stars have aligned in exchange for it. So, why is Lululemon so expensive? Honestly? It’s because they get to be.


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